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Subject Code - CLST (Classical Studies)

Not all courses are offered every year. For current listings, consult the departmental website at:

Course Title
CLST 105 Greek and Roman Mythology
CLST 110 Golden Age of Athens
CLST 111 Late Republican and Early Imperial Rome
CLST 204 Gods, Graves, and Goods: The Archaeology of Ancient Greece and Rome
CLST 211 Greek Philosophy I
CLST 212 Greek Philosophy II
CLST 231 Ancient Greece
CLST 232 Ancient Rome
CLST 260 Gladiators, Games, and Spectacle in the Greek and Roman World
CLST 301 The Technical Terms of Medicine and Biological Science
CLST 306 Applied Science and Technology in Classical Antiquity
CLST 307 Greek Law
CLST 312 Women in the Roman World of Republican and Imperial Times
CLST 313 Greek Epic
CLST 317 Classical Tragedy
CLST 331 Greek Art and Architecture
CLST 332 Roman Art and Architecture
CLST 333 Greek Religion
CLST 353 The Early Roman Empire
CLST 355 The Athenians and their Empire
CLST 356 Alexander the Great and his Empire
CLST 402A Seminar in Classical Literature - SEM CLASSCL LIT
CLST 403A Seminar in Classical Art and Archaeology - SEM CLS ART&ARCH
CLST 501 Topography and Monuments of Athens
CLST 502 Topography and Monuments of Rome
CLST 518A Topics in Greek Archaeology - TPCS GREEK ARCH