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Subject Code - CPEN (Computer Engineering)

Course Title
CPEN 211 Introduction to Microcomputers
CPEN 221 Principles of Software Construction
CPEN 281 Technical Communication
CPEN 291 Computer Engineering Design Studio I
CPEN 311 Digital Systems Design
CPEN 312 Digital Systems and Microcomputers
CPEN 321 Software Engineering
CPEN 331 Operating Systems
CPEN 333 System Software Engineering
CPEN 391 Computer Engineering Design Studio II
CPEN 400A Topics in Computer Engineering - BLDG MDRN WEBAPP
CPEN 400B Topics in Computer Engineering - COMPUTR SECURITY
CPEN 400D Topics in Computer Engineering - DIR COMPTR ENG
CPEN 400V Topics in Computer Engineering - RESRCH EXPRIENCE
CPEN 411 Computer Architecture
CPEN 421 Software Project Management
CPEN 431 Design of Distributed Software Applications
CPEN 432 Real-time System Design
CPEN 441 Human Computer Interfaces in Engineering Design
CPEN 442 Introduction to Computer Security
CPEN 481 Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects
CPEN 491 Computer Engineering Capstone Design Project
CPEN 492 Software Engineering Capstone Design Project
CPEN 499A Undergraduate Thesis - UNDERGRAD THESIS
CPEN 499B Undergraduate Thesis - UNDERGRAD THESIS