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Subject Code - LARC (Landscape Architecture)

Course Title
LARC 316 Trees and Shrubs in Landscape
LARC 415 A Behavioural Approach to Planting Design
LARC 431 Landscape Technologies I: Site Engineering
LARC 444 Green Network Planning
LARC 501 Landscape Architecture Design Studio I
LARC 502 Landscape Architecture Design Studio II
LARC 503 Landscape Architecture Design Studio III
LARC 504 Landscape Architecture Design Studio IV
LARC 505 Landscape Architecture Design Studio V
LARC 511 Introductory Workshop
LARC 515 Planting Design
LARC 522 Landscape Architectural History
LARC 523 Landscape Architecture Theory
LARC 525 Research Methods
LARC 531 Landscape Technologies I
LARC 532 Landscape Technologies II
LARC 540 Site Analysis and Planning
LARC 541 Landscape Planning and Management
LARC 542 Aesthetics and Sustainability
LARC 551 Professional Practice
LARC 553 Green Network Planning
LARC 570A Co-op Work Placement - COOP WORK PLCMNT
LARC 570C Co-op Work Placement - COOP WORK PLCMNT
LARC 580B Directed Studies in Design Analysis, Programming and Theory - DST DSGN AN,PR&T
LARC 581B Directed Studies in Landscape Planning and Sustainability - DST LANDSC PL&SU
LARC 582E Seminar: Special Topics - LIVING ROOF SEM
LARC 595 Graduate Project Part I
LARC 598 Graduate Project Part II
LARC 599 Research Thesis