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Subject Code - MICB (Microbiology)

BIOL 112, MICB 201, or SCIE 001 is a prerequisite for all MICB courses except MICB 153 and MICB 353. Consult the Credit Exclusion List in the Faculty of Science section of the Calendar. Additional fees are charged for some courses.

Course Title
MICB 201 Introductory Environmental Microbiology
MICB 202 Introductory Medical Microbiology and Immunology
MICB 398 Co-operative Work Placement I
MICB 399 Co-operative Work Placement II
MICB 448A Directed Research - DIRECTED RESRCH
MICB 448C Directed Research - DIRECTED RESRCH
MICB 449 Research Problem
MICB 498 Co-operative Work Placement III
MICB 499 Co-operative Work Placement IV
MICB 549 M.Sc. Thesis
MICB 649 Doctoral Dissertation