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Subject Code - PLAN (Community and Regional Planning)

Not all courses offered each year.

Course Title
PLAN 211 City-Making: A Global Perspective
PLAN 221 City Visuals
PLAN 321 Indigeneity and the City
PLAN 331 The Just City in a Divided World
PLAN 425 Urban Planning Issues and Concepts
PLAN 508 Foundations of Planning Theory and History
PLAN 509 Urbanism as a Global Way of Life
PLAN 510 Environment and Sustainability Concepts for Planning Practice
PLAN 517 Theory and Methods of Urban Design
PLAN 521 Quantitative Skills for Planners
PLAN 522 Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis
PLAN 523 The Profession of Planning
PLAN 524 Legal Concepts for Professional Planning
PLAN 525 Planning Practice Methods
PLAN 526 Selected Topics in Experimental Learning: The Planning Studio
PLAN 527A Internship - INTERNSHIP
PLAN 527B Internship - INTERNSHIP
PLAN 528A Capstone Professional Report - PROFESSION REPRT
PLAN 528B Capstone Professional Report - PROFESSION REPRT
PLAN 530 Affordable Housing Policy and Planning
PLAN 531 Planning for Disaster-Resilient Communities
PLAN 532 Strategic Planning: Developing and Implementing Policy Plans
PLAN 533 Indigenous Planning: Ways of Being, Knowing and Doing
PLAN 534 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
PLAN 535 Transportation Planning and Analysis
PLAN 542 Practical Practice: City Planning as a Craft
PLAN 547C Professional Project Report - PROF PRJ REPORT
PLAN 548A Current Issues in Planning - TRNSPRT EMISSON
PLAN 548B Current Issues in Planning - GENTRFCTN URB DV
PLAN 548F Current Issues in Planning - CULTURAL PLAN
PLAN 548H Current Issues in Planning - DIGITAL VIDEO
PLAN 548L Current Issues in Planning - URBAN TRANSPORTN
PLAN 548O Current Issues in Planning - PRAC LEGAL BASCS
PLAN 549C Master's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
PLAN 550A Directed Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
PLAN 550B Directed Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
PLAN 553 Indigenous Law, Governance and Community Planning
PLAN 558 The Role of Theory in Planning Research
PLAN 559 Design of Planning- and Policy-Oriented Research
PLAN 560 Master's Thesis Workshop
PLAN 561 Seminar in Real Property Development and Planning
PLAN 579 Public Health, Transportation, and the Built Environment
PLAN 580 Urban Transportation Planning
PLAN 587A Urban Design - URBAN DESIGN
PLAN 587B Urban Design - URBAN DESIGN
PLAN 590 Plan Creation, Implementation, and Evaluation
PLAN 595 Facilitation, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution for Planners
PLAN 602 Planning Theory Advanced Seminar
PLAN 603 Ph.D. Colloquium
PLAN 649 Doctoral Dissertation