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Subject Code - BIOL (Biology)

BIOL 121 is pre-requisite to all Biology courses, except BIOL 153, 343, 344, 345, 346, 442, 445 and 446. From 2002 on, BIOL 112 is the normal pre-requisite to BIOL 200. BIOL 121 is a pre-requisite for admission to Major or Honours options in Biology and other life science programs. In addition, BIOL 140 is a pre-requisite for admission to Biochemistry programs and both BIOL 140 and 112 are pre-requisite for admission to Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, and Physiology programs. Students interested in meeting the entrance requirements of the Faculties/Schools of Agricultural Sciences, Dentistry, Forestry, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kinesiology, and Rehabilitation Sciences should consult the appropriate office to determine the first-year Biology requirement. Additional fees are charged for some courses. Please see MRNE section for more upper level biology course listings. MRNE courses are field-based courses provided at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.

Course Title
BIOL 111 Introduction to Modern Biology
BIOL 112 Biology of the Cell
BIOL 121 Genetics, Evolution and Ecology
BIOL 140 Laboratory Investigations in Life Science
BIOL 155 Human Biology
BIOL 200 Fundamentals of Cell Biology
BIOL 204 Vertebrate Structure and Function
BIOL 230 Fundamentals of Ecology
BIOL 234 Fundamentals of Genetics
BIOL 260 Fundamentals of Physiology
BIOL 300 Fundamentals of Biostatistics
BIOL 324 Introduction to Seed Plant Taxonomy
BIOL 335 Molecular Genetics
BIOL 336 Fundamentals of Evolutionary Biology
BIOL 341 Introductory Molecular Biology Laboratory
BIOL 342 Integrative Biology Laboratory
BIOL 361 Physiology of Sensory, Nervous and Muscular Systems
BIOL 398 Co-operative Work Placement I
BIOL 399 Co-operative Work Placement II
BIOL 409 Field Course in Ecology
BIOL 448A Directed Studies in Biology - DIRECTED STUDIES
BIOL 448D Directed Studies in Biology - DIRECTED STUDIES
BIOL 498 Co-operative Work Placement III
BIOL 499 Co-operative Work Placement IV
BIOL 525B Topics in Systematics and Evolution - TPC SYST & EVLTN
BIOL 525D Topics in Systematics and Evolution - TPC SYST & EVLTN