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Subject Code - COMM (Commerce)

In general, not all of the prerequisites for Commerce courses are listed. Students must be registered in the same year level as the course they intend to register in. For example, eligiblity for Commerce 400-level courses requires a student to have completed second and third-year Commerce, and to be registered in fourth year. Students should refer to the Commerce website or contact the Undergraduate Office regarding course prerequisites and variations from standard program sequences. Additional fees are charged for some courses.

Course Title
COMM 203 Managing the Employment Relationship
COMM 204 Logistics and Operations Management
COMM 205 Introduction to Management Information Systems
COMM 280 Entrepreneurship
COMM 290 Introduction to Quantitative Decision Making
COMM 293 Financial Accounting
COMM 294 Managerial Accounting
COMM 295 Managerial Economics
COMM 329 Principles of Organizational Behaviour
COMM 335 Information Systems Technology and Development
COMM 380 Co-operative Work Placement I
COMM 381 Co-operative Work Placement II
COMM 382 Economics of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
COMM 390 Business Writing
COMM 393 Commercial Law
COMM 394 Government and Business
COMM 395 Business Communications
COMM 398 Introduction to Business Processes and Operations
COMM 450 Financial Accounting - Intermediate II
COMM 453 Financial Accounting-Advanced
COMM 455 Principles of Auditing
COMM 457 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
COMM 465 Marketing Management
COMM 473 Business Finance
COMM 480 Co-operative Work Placement III
COMM 481 Co-operative Work Placement IV
COMM 490D Directed Studies in Commerce - DIRECTED STUDIES
COMM 491 Strategic Management
COMM 493 Strategic Management in Business
COMM 498 International Business Management
COMM 547A Major Essay/Industry Project - MAJOR ESSAY/PROJ
COMM 547B Major Essay/Industry Project - MAJOR ESSAY/PROJ
COMM 548 Directed Study in Business Administration
COMM 549A Master's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
COMM 549B Master's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
COMM 649 Ph.D. Thesis