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Subject Code - GEOG (Geography)

Courses having Science credit in Geography are listed separately in the calendar under GEOB (Geographical Biogeosciences). Students seeking to obtain their Science requirement in the Faculty of Arts should consider GEOB102 and GEOB103. For detailed information about courses and topics within courses, see the departmental website (

Course Title
GEOG 122 Geography, Modernity and Globalization
GEOG 310 Environment and Sustainability
GEOG 350 Urban Worlds
GEOG 352 Urbanization in the Global South
GEOG 447 Directed Studies: Off Campus Research
GEOG 448 Directed Studies in Geography
GEOG 547A Directed Reading in Human Geography - HUMAN GEO DR RDG
GEOG 599 Master's Thesis
GEOG 699 Doctoral Dissertation