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Subject Code - OSOT (Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy)

Course Title
OSOT 511 Fundamentals of Theory and Practice
OSOT 513 Health, Illness and Occupation I
OSOT 515 Practice Skills and Therapeutic Procedures I
OSOT 519 Professional Practice I
OSOT 525 Theory, Practice Skills and Therapeutic Procedures II
OSOT 527 Evidence for Practice I: Research Paradigms and Methods
OSOT 528 Fieldwork Education I
OSOT 545 Theory, Practice Skills, and Therapeutic Procedures: Advanced Applications
OSOT 547 Evidence for Practice: Project
OSOT 549 Professional Practice II
OSOT 551 Societal and Environmental Influences
OSOT 553 Developing Effective Programs
OSOT 558 Fieldwork Education III