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Subject Code - PATH (Pathology)

Course Title
PATH 300 Background to Medical Laboratory Science
PATH 301 Basic and Physical Biochemistry for Medical Laboratory Scientists
PATH 303 Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics, Tissue Culture and Cytology
PATH 304 Normal Human Histology
PATH 305 Modern Microscopy
PATH 306 Laboratory Safety for Medical Laboratory Scientists
PATH 327 Bacteriology, Mycology, Virology and Parasitology
PATH 375 Introduction to Human Pathology
PATH 402 Medical Laboratory Science: Haematology
PATH 404 Diagnostic Histochemistry
PATH 405 Seminars in Current Topics
PATH 406 Clinical Chemistry
PATH 407 Medical Laboratory Toxicology: Analytical, Clinical
PATH 408 Laboratory Administration
PATH 415 Immunopathology
PATH 417A Human Bacterial Infections - HMN BACT INFCTNS
PATH 427 Basic Principles of Infection Prevention and Control
PATH 437 Viral Infections in Humans
PATH 438E Medical Laboratory Science: Directed Studies - MED LAB - DST
PATH 451 Clerkship in Laboratory Medicine and Infection Prevention and Control
PATH 467 Basic Microbiology for Infection Control
PATH 477 Basic Epidemiology for Infection Control
PATH 501 Foundations of Human Histopathology
PATH 502 Current Topics in Pathology Research
PATH 518B Pulmonary Pathophysiology - PULMNRY PTHPYSIO
PATH 535 Seminar
PATH 547 Techniques in Molecular Biology and Experimental Pathology
PATH 548C Directed Studies - GRAD STUD - DST
PATH 548G Directed Studies - DIR STD MSC STNT
PATH 548K Directed Studies - HMST, THRM, HMPH
PATH 548L Directed Studies - EXPERIMENTAL DES
PATH 548O Directed Studies - CNCR BIOINFRMTCS
PATH 548P Directed Studies - GENOME ANALYSIS
PATH 548Q Directed Studies - HUMAN PATHOLOGY
PATH 549A M.Sc. Thesis - MSC THESIS
PATH 549B M.Sc. Thesis - MSC THESIS
PATH 570 Cardiovascular Pathophysiology
PATH 635 Seminar
PATH 649 Doctoral Dissertation
PATH 720 Microbiological Diagnosis
PATH 721 Microbiological Research
PATH 725 Histopathology of Infectious Diseases