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Subject Code - PHRM (Pharmacy)

Course Title
PHRM 100 Foundations of Pharmacy
PHRM 111 Medication Management I
PHRM 131 Study Design and Interpretation I
PHRM 141 Seminar: Pharmacists in Practice I
PHRM 161 Technology in Healthcare
PHRM 211 Medication Management II
PHRM 212 Medication Management III
PHRM 221 Nutrition for Pharmacists
PHRM 231 Study Design and Interpretation II
PHRM 241 Seminar: Pharmacists in Practice II
PHRM 251 Institutional Practice Skills
PHRM 311 Medication Management IV
PHRM 312 Medication Management V
PHRM 341 Seminar: Pharmacists in Practice III
PHRM 351 Practice Management and Leadership
PHRM 361 Clinical Skills: Administration of Injections