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Subject Code - PHTH (Physical Therapy)

Course Title
PHTH 301 Physical Therapy Foundations
PHTH 531 Pathology for Physical Therapy III
PHTH 534 Clinical Practice III
PHTH 538 Case-based Integration II
PHTH 544 Clinical Practice IVa
PHTH 545 Clinical Practice IVb
PHTH 546 Clinical Decision-Making III
PHTH 548 Case-based Integration III
PHTH 552 Rehabilitation Research
PHTH 558 Case-Based Integration IV
PHTH 564 Clinical Practice VIa
PHTH 566 Clinical Decision-Making IV
PHTH 574 Clinical Practice VII
PHTH 576 Clinical Decision Making V
PHTH 580 Orthopaedic Clinical Reasoning and Skills
PHTH 581 Evidence and Theory in Manipulative Therapy