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Subject Code - SOCI (Sociology)

One of SOCI 100, SOCI 101, SOCI 102 is prerequisite for most 300- and 400-level SOCI courses.

Course Title
SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 101 Social Interaction and Culture
SOCI 102 Inequality and Social Change
SOCI 200 Sociology of Family
SOCI 201 Ethnic Relations
SOCI 210A Canadian Social Structure - CAN SOCIAL STRUC
SOCI 217A Research Methods - RESEARCH METHODS
SOCI 220 Sociology of Indigenous Peoples
SOCI 240A Introduction to Social Interaction - SOCL INTERACTION
SOCI 250A Crime and Society - CRIME & SOCIETY
SOCI 260A Technology, Work and Society - TECHNOLOGY
SOCI 285 Citizenship and Identity
SOCI 301A Sociology of Development and Underdevelopment - DEVELOPMENT
SOCI 302A Ethnic and Racial Inequality - ETHNIC & RACIAL
SOCI 303A Sociology of Migration - SOCI MIGRATION
SOCI 310A Canadian Society - CANADIAN SOCIETY
SOCI 312A Gender Relations - GENDER RELATIONS
SOCI 320 Diversity in Family Forms
SOCI 324 Sociology of the Life Course
SOCI 328 Social Statistics I
SOCI 342 Consumers and Consumption
SOCI 352A Organization of Work - ORGANIZ OF WORK
SOCI 360A Sociology and Natural Resources - RESOURCES
SOCI 361A Social Inequality - SOCIAL INEQUALTY
SOCI 364 Built Environments
SOCI 369A Sociology of Sexualities - SOCIO OF SEXUAL
SOCI 370 Sociological Theories: Classical and Contemporary Approaches
SOCI 371 Classical Traditions in Theory
SOCI 372 Contemporary Directions in Theory
SOCI 380 Sociological Methods: Survey Research
SOCI 382 Sociological Methods: Qualitative Research
SOCI 387 Drugs and Society
SOCI 414A Feminist Theory - FEMINIST THEORY
SOCI 415A Theories of Family and Kinship - FAMILY & KINSHIP
SOCI 416 Selected Topics in Sociological Theory
SOCI 418A Social Statistics II - SOCIAL STATS II
SOCI 423 Sociology of Food
SOCI 425A Urban Sociology - URBAN SOCIOLOGY
SOCI 433A Directed Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
SOCI 433C Directed Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
SOCI 440A Economic Sociology - ECONMC SOCIOLOGY
SOCI 441 Society, Economy and Family
SOCI 442 Families and Work
SOCI 444 Sociology of Aging
SOCI 464A Social Movements - SOCIAL MOVEMENTS
SOCI 470A Sociology of Crime and Justice - CRIME & JUSTICE
SOCI 490 Contemporary Chinese Society
SOCI 495B Advanced Studies in Sociology - ADV STUDIES SOCI
SOCI 500 Foundations of Sociological Thought
SOCI 501 Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOCI 502 Research Design and Techniques (Quantitative)
SOCI 503 Research Design and Techniques (Qualitative)
SOCI 508A Advanced Methods Seminar - ADV METHODS SEM
SOCI 514 Analyzing Quantitative Data in Sociology
SOCI 515 Qualitative Data Analysis in Sociology
SOCI 549A Master's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
SOCI 598A Directed Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
SOCI 598B Directed Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
SOCI 598C Directed Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
SOCI 599A Special Topics Seminar - SPEC TOPICS SEM
SOCI 649 Doctoral Dissertation