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Subject Code - POLI (Political Science)

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Course Title
POLI 100 Introduction to Politics
POLI 101 The Government of Canada
POLI 110 Investigating Politics: An Introduction to Scientific Political Analysis
POLI 240 Currents of Political Thought
POLI 260 Introduction to Global Politics
POLI 303 Federalism in Canada
POLI 305 Canadian Political Ideas
POLI 308B Issues in Canadian Politics - ISSUES CDN POLI
POLI 321B Chinese Politics and Development - CHIN POLIT DEVEL
POLI 326 European Politics: Selected Cases
POLI 341B Contemporary Political Theory - CONTMP POLI THRY
POLI 342A Modern Political Theory: Analysis of a Selected Theorist - MOD POL TH:SELCT
POLI 375A Global Environmental Politics - GLOB ENV POLI
POLI 380 Quantitative Methods in Political Science
POLI 449D Topics in Political Theory - TPCS POLI THEORY
POLI 464C Problems in International Relations - PROB INTRL RELTN
POLI 464F Problems in International Relations - PROB INTRL RELTN
POLI 549B Master's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
POLI 580 Directed Studies
POLI 649 Doctoral Dissertation