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STT APSC 100 101 Lecture 1 Mon Fri 8:00 9:00
Blocked CIVL 200 1W1 Waiting List 1 Thu

This is a "Wait List" for section 99A of CIVL 200.

Only register in this section of section 99A is full. Students requesting to take this course should register in the "Wait List". PLEASE NOTE: This course will be offered again in the 2014S term.


  CIVL 200 99A Distance Education A

CIVL 200 is an online course. This is a HIGH DEMAND COURSE and EARLY REGISTRATION IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. NOTE: This course is not available to first year students.

-- If this section is full, please register on the waitlist. This course will also be offered in the Summer 2018S term.

-- This course is ONLINE. Your instructor and course support staff will contact you by email prior to and during the course. Please ensure you have a valid email account. You will need your Campus Wide Login (CWL) to login to your course at Where applicable, please visit this site for examination information:

STT CIVL 445 101 Lecture 1 Mon 15:00 17:00

Do NOT contact the professor regarding registration problems.

If the course is full, please fill out the online course registration form available at the below web link and submit it electronically.

Please check back regularly to see if space opens up in the class. All applications requesting admission to the course will be considered in August. Priority will be given to students requiring the course as a core component to their program and to Civil Engineering students requesting the course as a technical elective (if applicable). You will be advised in August if you have been admitted to the class or not.

STT CIVL 445 T1A Tutorial 1 Tue Thu 8:00 9:30
STT CIVL 445 T1B Tutorial 1 Tue Thu 8:00 9:30
STT CIVL 445 T1C Tutorial 1 Tue Thu 8:00 9:30
STT CIVL 445 T1D Tutorial 1 Tue Thu 8:00 9:30

Please contact the course instructor for the location information

  CIVL 498A 101 Lecture 1 Tue Thu 17:00 18:30
  CIVL 498A 1W1 Lecture 1

If you are interested in taking this course, please register in the course wait-list. You will be notified in August about your registration status.