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Subject Code - ANTH (Anthropology)

ANTH 100, 103, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 213, 214, 215, 217, 218, 220, 221, 222, 225, 231, 232 and 329 are general courses open to all students. ANTH 100 is a prerequisite to all other third- and fourth-year courses, unless permission of the instructor is obtained. Some courses have additional prerequisites, as listed in the descriptions. For details of current listings, consult the departmental website at

Course Title
ANTH 100A Introduction to Cultural Anthropology - INTRO CULT ANTH
ANTH 201A Ethnic Relations - ETHNIC RELATIONS
ANTH 202B Contemporary Social Problems - ANTH CON SOC PRB
ANTH 210 Eating Culture
ANTH 213 Sex, Gender, and Culture
ANTH 215 Japanese Popular Culture
ANTH 217 Culture and Communication
ANTH 220 First Nations of British Columbia
ANTH 227 Introduction to Medical Anthropology
ANTH 241 Introduction to Museums and Museology
ANTH 300A Contemporary Anthropological Theory - CONTMP ANTH THRY
ANTH 301 Ethnography of Eurasia
ANTH 302 Ethnography of South Asia
ANTH 303A Ethnography of Special Areas - ETHNO SPEC AREAS
ANTH 304A Ethnography of the Northwest Coast - ETHNOG NW COAST
ANTH 312 Introduction to the Anthropology of Gender
ANTH 315 Japanese Culture and Society
ANTH 317A Linguistic Anthropology - LINGUISTIC ANTH
ANTH 329A Contemporary First Nations Issues - CONT 1ST NAT ISS
ANTH 331A Art, Aesthetics and Anthropology - ART&ANTHROPOLOGY
ANTH 332 Oral Tradition
ANTH 341A Museums, Heritage and Memory - MUSE HERITG MEM
ANTH 360 Introduction to Ecological Anthropology
ANTH 378 Anthropology of Media
ANTH 400A History of Anthropology - HISTORY OF ANTH
ANTH 401 First Peoples of North America
ANTH 403H Ethnography of Special Areas - EAST AFRICA
ANTH 413A Relatedness: Family, Kinship, and Social Relations - FAMILY & KINSHIP
ANTH 415A Religion and Society - RELIGION&SOCIETY
ANTH 418 Anthropological Statistics
ANTH 428 Medicine, Technology, Culture, and Society
ANTH 429 Global Health in Cross-Cultural Contexts
ANTH 431C Museum Practice and Curatorship - MUS PRC&CURATRSH
ANTH 433A Directed Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
ANTH 433B Directed Studies - JAPANESE CULTURE
ANTH 449A Honours Tutorial - HONOURS TUTORIAL
ANTH 451 Conservation of Organic Materials
ANTH 471 Anthropology of Law
ANTH 478A Ethnographic Film Methods - ETHNO FILM METHD
ANTH 495A Advanced Studies in Anthropology - ADV STUDIES
ANTH 495C Advanced Studies in Anthropology - ADV STUDIES ANTH
ANTH 500 History of Anthropological Thought
ANTH 505A Religion and Society - RELIG & SOCIETY
ANTH 506A Current Research in Anthropology - CURRENT RES ANTH
ANTH 512 Language and Culture
ANTH 516 Qualitative Methods in Anthropology
ANTH 517 Archaeological Methods
ANTH 518A Museum Methods - MUSEUM METHODS
ANTH 519 Seminar in Medical Anthropology
ANTH 519A Seminar in Medical Anthropology - SEM MEDICAL ANTH
ANTH 540A Advanced Seminar - SACRED GEOGRPHY
ANTH 540C Advanced Seminar - ADVANCED SEMINAR
ANTH 540D Advanced Seminar - CNTMP ETHNOGRPHY
ANTH 545A Graduate Research Seminar - GRAD RSRCH SEM
ANTH 545B Graduate Research Seminar - GRAD RSRCH SEM
ANTH 549A Master's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
ANTH 649 Doctoral Dissertation