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Subject Code - APSC (Applied Science)

Course Title
APSC 100 Introduction to Engineering I
APSC 101 Introduction to Engineering II
APSC 110 Co-operative Work Placement
APSC 160 Introduction to Computation in Engineering Design
APSC 172 Engineering Analysis I
APSC 173 Engineering Analysis II
APSC 176 Engineering Communication
APSC 178 Electricity, Magnetism, and Waves
APSC 182 Matter and Energy I
APSC 183 Matter and Energy II
APSC 201 Technical Communication
APSC 210 Co-operative Work Placement
APSC 261 Technology and Society I
APSC 262 Technology and Society II
APSC 278 Engineering Materials
APSC 279 Engineering Materials Laboratory
APSC 310 Co-operative Work Placement
APSC 366 The Art of the Possible: An Introduction to Engineering for Non-Engineers
APSC 377 Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control
APSC 402 Living Language: Science and Society
APSC 410 Co-operative Work Placement
APSC 411 Co-operative Work Placement
APSC 412 Co-operative Work Placement
APSC 440 Management Fundamentals for Technology-Based Product Marketing and Development
APSC 450 Professional Engineering Practice
APSC 486 New Venture Design
APSC 496D Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Project - INTER ENG PRJECT
APSC 496E Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Project - INTER ENG PRJECT
APSC 498T Directed Studies - DECARB TECH&POLI
APSC 540 Business Decisions for Engineering Ventures
APSC 541 Technology Entrepreneurship for Engineers
APSC 598G Topics in Engineering - SUSTBLE-BLDGPROJ