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Subject Code - ARCL (Anthropological Archaeology)

Course Title
ARCL 103 Introduction to Archaeology
ARCL 140 Bones: The Origins of Humanity
ARCL 203 Archaeological Methods
ARCL 204 Great Archaeological Discoveries
ARCL 228 Forensic Anthropology
ARCL 232 Ancient Latin America
ARCL 305 Archaeological Interpretation
ARCL 309 The Archaeology of Collapse and Sustainability
ARCL 318 Archaeology of Hunter-Gatherer-Forager-Societies
ARCL 322 Archaeological Foundations of East and Southeast Asia
ARCL 325 Paleoanthropology
ARCL 326 Primatology
ARCL 405 Archaeological and Anthropological Mapping
ARCL 419 The Archaeology of Death
ARCL 420A First Nations Archaeology of British Columbia - 1ST NTN ARCH BC
ARCL 424 Practicing Archaeology and the Management of Cultural Resources
ARCL 425 Paleodiet