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Subject Code - ARTH (Art History)

Not every course is given every year. For details of current offerings, consult the departmental website at Students wishing to take fourth-year seminars should normally have had a closely related third-year course and are advised to check with the instructor in this regard. Credit will be given to either the current ARTH listing or its former FINA equivalent.

Course Title
ARTH 101 Ways of Seeing: Introduction to Visual Studies
ARTH 102 Crisis and Contradiction in Art and the Built Environment
ARTH 225 Art in Europe to the Sixteenth Century
ARTH 226 Art in an Era of Global Expansion
ARTH 227 Art and the Visual Environment in the Modern and Post-modern Periods
ARTH 253 Asian Architecture: Sacred and Urban Spaces
ARTH 300 Seminar on Methods and Approaches in Art History
ARTH 311 Art in the Early Medieval West
ARTH 321 Early Modern Italian Art and Culture (ca. 1350-1550)
ARTH 338 Visual Culture in the Age of Enlightenment and Revolution (1715-1830)
ARTH 339 19th-Century Art and Social Space
ARTH 340 20th Century Art and Culture: The Triumph and Demise of Modernism
ARTH 341 20th Century Art and Culture: The Postmodern
ARTH 344 Art and Photography in Canada, 1920 to the Present
ARTH 345 History of Photography: Archive, Spectacle, Reality
ARTH 351B Art and Architecture in the Islamic World - ART ARCH ISLAMIC
ARTH 352 Historic India: Images, Temples and the Construction of Indian Art History
ARTH 353 Nepal and Tibet: Art, Ritual and Performance
ARTH 358 Chinese Art for the Afterlife
ARTH 363 Art in Japan: The Problem with Painting
ARTH 368 Art in Japan: Print Media
ARTH 377 Arts of the Northwest Coast Peoples: The South
ARTH 380 Art as Technology
ARTH 397A Special Topics - SPECIAL TOPICS
ARTH 432 Seminar in the Art of the Middle Ages
ARTH 439 Seminar in 18th and 19th-Century Visual Culture
ARTH 448 Seminar in North American Architecture
ARTH 455 Seminar in the Art of South Asia
ARTH 458 Seminar in Chinese Art
ARTH 464 Seminar in Japanese Art
ARTH 479 Performance Actions and Approaches
ARTH 480 Visual and Digital Media Theory
ARTH 535A Early Modern: Renaissance - RENAISSANCE ART
ARTH 539A Studies in 19th-Century Art - 19TH CENT ART
ARTH 540B Studies in 20th Century Art - 20TH CENT ART
ARTH 543B Studies in Canadian Art - CAN ART
ARTH 550 Studies in Art in the Islamic World
ARTH 571 The Methodology of Art History
ARTH 577A Directed Reading - DIR READING
ARTH 577B Directed Reading - DIR READING
ARTH 577C Directed Reading - DIR READING
ARTH 599 Master's Thesis
ARTH 649 Doctoral Dissertation