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Subject Code - ASTR (Astronomy)

See also Physics.

Course Title
ASTR 101 Introduction to the Solar System
ASTR 102 Introduction to Stars and Galaxies
ASTR 200 Frontiers of Astrophysics
ASTR 205 Stars and Stellar Populations
ASTR 300 Galaxies
ASTR 310 Exploring the Universe: The Solar System
ASTR 311 Exploring the Universe: Stars and Galaxies
ASTR 333 Exoplanets and Astrobiology
ASTR 349 Directed Research Project in Astronomy
ASTR 403 Cosmology
ASTR 404 Astronomical and Astrophysical Measurements
ASTR 405 Astronomical Laboratory
ASTR 406 High-Energy Astrophysics
ASTR 407 Planetary Science
ASTR 449 Honours Thesis in Astronomy
ASTR 505B Galactic Astronomy - GALACTIC ASTR
ASTR 506A High-Energy Astrophysics - ENERGY ASTROPHYS
ASTR 507A Planetary Sciences - PLANET SCIENCES
ASTR 508 Stellar Astronomy
ASTR 514 Observational Astronomy
ASTR 549 M.Sc. Thesis
ASTR 649 Doctoral Dissertation