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Subject Code - CHBE (Chemical and Biological Engineering)

Course Title
CHBE 201 Integrated Technical Communication
CHBE 230 Computational Methods
CHBE 241 Material and Energy Balances
CHBE 243 Introduction to Chemical and Biological Engineering Process and Technology
CHBE 244 Chemical and Biological Engineering Thermodynamics I
CHBE 251 Transport Phenomena I
CHBE 262 Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry Laboratory
CHBE 344 Unit Operations I
CHBE 345 Unit Operations II
CHBE 346 Chemical and Biological Engineering Thermodynamics
CHBE 351 Transport Phenomena II
CHBE 355 Kinetics and Reactor Design
CHBE 356 Process Dynamics and Control
CHBE 362 Process and Environmental Engineering Laboratory
CHBE 364 Environmental Engineering Laboratory
CHBE 365 Biological Engineering Laboratory
CHBE 366 Chemical Engineering Laboratory
CHBE 373 Water Pollution Control
CHBE 376 Computer Flowsheeting
CHBE 381 Bioprocess Engineering I
CHBE 402 Biomass Fractionation Technology
CHBE 419 Industrial Biotechnology Laboratory
CHBE 453 Biological Process and Product Design
CHBE 454 Chemical Process and Product Design
CHBE 456 Heterogenous Catalysis and Advanced Reactor Design
CHBE 457 Process Synthesis
CHBE 459 Chemical and Biological Engineering Economics
CHBE 464 Chemical and Biological Engineering Laboratory
CHBE 474 Process Control Engineering
CHBE 476 Modelling and Optimization in Chemical Engineering
CHBE 477 Fuel Cell and Electrochemical Engineering
CHBE 481 Bioprocess Engineering II
CHBE 482 Petroleum Refining Process Modeling and Simulation
CHBE 483 Energy Engineering
CHBE 484 Green Engineering Principles and Applications for Process Industries
CHBE 485 Air Pollution Prevention and Control
CHBE 486 Waste Management for Resource Recovery
CHBE 487 Interfacial Phenomena
CHBE 491 Thesis Proposal
CHBE 492 Thesis
CHBE 493 Thesis Proposal-Environmental Topic
CHBE 494 Thesis-Environmental Topic
CHBE 495 Thesis Proposal-Biotechnology Topic
CHBE 496 Thesis Biotechnology Topic
CHBE 549 Master's Thesis for M.Sc.
CHBE 550 Advanced Reactor Design
CHBE 551 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
CHBE 553 Mathematical Operations in Chemical Engineering
CHBE 554 Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer
CHBE 559F Topics in Chemical Engineering - CMMRCL LIG ETHNL
CHBE 560 Biological Engineering
CHBE 564 Industrial Biotechnology Laboratory
CHBE 575 Air Pollution Control
CHBE 577 Electrochemical Science, Engineering and Technology
CHBE 583 Energy Engineering
CHBE 596 Engineering Report
CHBE 597 M.A.Sc. Thesis Proposal Development
CHBE 598 Seminar
CHBE 599 Thesis
CHBE 697 Ph.D. Thesis Proposal Development
CHBE 699 Doctoral Dissertation