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Subject Code - CNPS (Counselling Psychology)

Course Title
CNPS 362 Basic Interviewing Skills
CNPS 363 Career Counselling
CNPS 364 Family Education and Consultation
CNPS 365 Introduction to Theories of Counselling
CNPS 426 The Role of the Teacher in Guidance
CNPS 427 Guidance: Planning and Decision-making
CNPS 433 The Personal and Social Development of the Adult
CNPS 504 School Counselling
CNPS 508A Review of Research in Educational Methods - REV RES ED MTD 1
CNPS 514 Counselling Adolescents
CNPS 524 Counselling Adults
CNPS 532B Psychological Assessment in Counselling - PSYC ASSESS CNSL
CNPS 534 Gender and Sex Role Issues in Counselling
CNPS 535 Perspectives on Adult Psychopathology in Counselling
CNPS 545 Family Counselling - Interventions and Research
CNPS 564 Group Counselling
CNPS 574 Career Planning and Decision-Making Counselling
CNPS 578C Individual and Family Counselling Theories and Interventions - IND&FAM CNSL T&I
CNPS 579 Research in Counselling Psychology
CNPS 580A Problems in Education - PROB IN EDUC 1
CNPS 580B Problems in Education - PROB IN EDUC 2
CNPS 580C Problems in Education - PROB IN EDUC
CNPS 584 Program Development and Professional Practice in Counselling
CNPS 586 Ethics in Counselling Psychology
CNPS 588C Supervised Training in Counselling - SUPRVSD TRAINING
CNPS 595 Stress, Coping and Adaptation Related to Trauma and Addictions
CNPS 598C Field Experiences - FIELD EXPERIENCE
CNPS 598H Field Experiences - FIELD EXPERIENCE
CNPS 599C Master's Thesis - MASTER'S THESIS
CNPS 632 Advanced Assessment
CNPS 669A Research Approaches in Counselling Psychology - RES APPR TO CNPS
CNPS 678A Theoretical Perspectives in Counselling Psychology - THRTCL PRSP CNPS
CNPS 688 Supervision of Counselling Practice
CNPS 698 Pre-Doctoral Internship
CNPS 699 Doctoral Dissertation