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Subject Code - COSC (Computer Science)

Course Title
COSC 101 Digital Citizenship
COSC 111 Computer Programming I
COSC 114 Vector Graphics and Animations
COSC 121 Computer Programming II
COSC 122 Computer Fluency
COSC 123 Computer Creativity
COSC 150 Physical Computing
COSC 211 Machine Architecture
COSC 221 Introduction to Discrete Structures
COSC 222 Data Structures
COSC 223 Principle of Computing: Logic, Discrete Structure, and Data Structure
COSC 247 Networks and Social Media
COSC 264 Introduction to Web Development and Databases
COSC 301 Introduction to Data Analytics
COSC 303 Numerical Analysis
COSC 304 Introduction to Databases
COSC 305 Project Management
COSC 310 Software Engineering
COSC 320 Analysis of Algorithms
COSC 322 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
COSC 328 Introduction to Networks
COSC 331 Principles of Computer Science
COSC 335 Introduction to Medical Imaging and Imaging Informatics
COSC 341 Human Computer Interaction
COSC 360 Web Programming
COSC 407 Introduction to Parallel Computing
COSC 419K Topics in Computer Science - DER-FREE OPTIM
COSC 435 Computer-Based Image Analysis
COSC 445 Computer Vision
COSC 449 Honours Thesis
COSC 499 Capstone Software Engineering Project
COSC 507 Parallel Computing
COSC 520 Advanced Algorithms
COSC 522 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence
COSC 541 Advanced Human Computer Interaction
COSC 548 Directed Studies
COSC 549 Master's Thesis
COSC 590A Graduate Seminar - GRAD SEMINAR
COSC 590B Graduate Seminar - GRAD SEMINAR