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Subject Code - CPSC (Computer Science)

Students with no previous exposure to computers may consider a more general introduction to computers and computer science provided by CPSC 101. Students who have credit for, or are currently registered in CPSC 110 or have Computer Science credit from another institution, may not take CPSC 101 or APSC 160 for credit in Science. Students with sufficient background in the concepts presented in CPSC 110 and an advisor's approval are encouraged to challenge the CPSC 110 course for credit by taking an examination. Enrolment restrictions apply to certain CPSC courses. In order to register into CPSC 210, 213, 221, 310, 313, and 320, students should have an overall average greater than or equal to a threshold set by the Department of Computer Science. Students who are currently in a CPSC specialization but are prevented from registering in any of these courses may not be able to continue in a CPSC specialization. Those students should consider transferring to another specialization. Additional fees are charged for some courses. For more information students are advised to contact the Department of Computer Science or visit the Computer Science undergraduate website: ( For information on credit exclusion between CPSC and other courses, please consult the Faculty of Science Credit Exclusion List.

Course Title
CPSC 101 Connecting with Computer Science
CPSC 110 Computation, Programs, and Programming
CPSC 121 Models of Computation
CPSC 189 Systematic Program Design in Python
CPSC 210 Software Construction
CPSC 213 Introduction to Computer Systems
CPSC 221 Basic Algorithms and Data Structures
CPSC 259 Data Structures and Algorithms for Electrical Engineers
CPSC 261 Basics of Computer Systems
CPSC 301 Computing in the Life Sciences
CPSC 302 Numerical Computation for Algebraic Problems
CPSC 303 Numerical Approximation and Discretization
CPSC 304 Introduction to Relational Databases
CPSC 310 Introduction to Software Engineering
CPSC 311 Definition of Programming Languages
CPSC 312 Functional and Logic Programming
CPSC 313 Computer Hardware and Operating Systems
CPSC 314 Computer Graphics
CPSC 317 Internet Computing
CPSC 319 Software Engineering Project
CPSC 320 Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis
CPSC 322 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CPSC 340 Machine Learning and Data Mining
CPSC 344 Introduction to Human Computer Interaction Methods
CPSC 349 Honours Research Seminar
CPSC 404 Advanced Relational Databases
CPSC 406 Computational Optimization
CPSC 410 Advanced Software Engineering
CPSC 411 Introduction to Compiler Construction
CPSC 415 Advanced Operating Systems
CPSC 416 Distributed Systems
CPSC 420 Advanced Algorithms Design and Analysis
CPSC 421 Introduction to Theory of Computing
CPSC 422 Intelligent Systems
CPSC 424 Geometric Modeling
CPSC 425 Computer Vision
CPSC 430 Computers and Society
CPSC 445 Algorithms in Bioinformatics
CPSC 448A Directed Studies in Computer Science - DIRECTED STUDIES
CPSC 448B Directed Studies in Computer Science - DIRECTED STUDIES
CPSC 448C Directed Studies in Computer Science - DIRECTED STUDIES
CPSC 449 Honours Thesis
CPSC 490 Student Directed Seminars
CPSC 500 Fundamentals of Algorithm Design and Analysis
CPSC 503 Computational Linguistics I
CPSC 504 Data Management
CPSC 505 Image Understanding I: Image Analysis
CPSC 509 Programming Language Principles
CPSC 513 Integrated Systems Design
CPSC 524 Computer Graphics: Modeling
CPSC 526 Computer Animation
CPSC 534L Topics in Data Management - SOCIAL COMPUTING
CPSC 536N Topics in Algorithms and Complexity - TPCS ALGO&COMPLX
CPSC 538B Topics in Computer Systems - DIST. SYSTEMS
CPSC 540 Machine Learning
CPSC 544 Human Computer Interaction
CPSC 545 Algorithms for Bioinformatics
CPSC 547 Information Visualization
CPSC 549A Master's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
CPSC 549B Master's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
CPSC 554M Topics in Human-Computer Interaction - PERSONALIZATION
CPSC 589 M.Sc. Major Essay
CPSC 649 Doctoral Dissertation