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Subject Code - FRST (Forestry)

Course Title
FRST 100 Sustainable Forests
FRST 101 Principles of Microeconomics for Forestry and Land and Food Systems
FRST 110 Land One: First-year Integrative Seminar
FRST 150 Scholarly Writing and Argumentation in Forestry
FRST 200 Forest Plant Biology I
FRST 201 Forest Ecology
FRST 202 Forest Ecology
FRST 210 Forest Plant Biology II
FRST 211 Forest Classification and Silvics
FRST 231 Introduction to Biometrics
FRST 232 Computer Applications in Forestry
FRST 239 Tree and Stand Level Measurements
FRST 248 Co-operative Work Placement.
FRST 302 Forest Genetics
FRST 303 Principles of Forest Science
FRST 304 The Science Underlying Forestry Issues
FRST 305 Silviculture
FRST 307 Biotic Disturbances
FRST 308 Forest Entomology
FRST 309 Forest Pathology
FRST 310 Soil Biology
FRST 311 Plant Physiology I
FRST 318 Forest and Conservation Economics
FRST 319 Principles of Forestry Economics
FRST 320 Abiotic Disturbances: Fire and Climate
FRST 339 Forest Level Measurement and Productivity
FRST 346 Co-operative Work Placement.
FRST 347 Co-operative Work Placement
FRST 348 Co-operative Work Placement.
FRST 350 Foundational Field School
FRST 351 Interior Field School
FRST 370 Community Forests and Community Forestry
FRST 385 Watershed Hydrology
FRST 386 Aquatic Ecosystems and Fish in Forested Watersheds
FRST 395 Forest Wildlife Ecology and Management
FRST 399 Introduction to Research Methods
FRST 402 Living Language: Science and Society
FRST 408 Advanced Forest Insect Ecology
FRST 411 Complex Adaptive Systems, Global Change Science, and Ecology Sustainability
FRST 413 Ecological Plant Biochemistry.
FRST 415 Sustainable Forest Policy
FRST 421 Quantitative Forest Management
FRST 424 Sustainable Forest Management
FRST 430 Advanced Biometrics
FRST 432 Molecular Ecology
FRST 439 International Forestry
FRST 443 Remote Sensing for Ecosystem Management
FRST 444 Agroforestry
FRST 446 Co-operative Work Placement.
FRST 447 Co-operative Work Placement.
FRST 448 Co-operative Work Placement.
FRST 449A Directed Studies in Forestry - DIRECTED STUDIES
FRST 449B Directed Studies in Forestry - DIRECTED STUDIES
FRST 449C Directed Studies in Forestry - DIRECTED STUDIES
FRST 449D Directed Studies in Forestry - DIRECTED STUDIES
FRST 449E Directed Studies in Forestry - DIRECTED STUDIES
FRST 449F Directed Studies in Forestry - DIRECTED STUDIES
FRST 452 Coastal Field School
FRST 490 Visual Resource Management and Planning for Aesthetics
FRST 492 Environmental Perception
FRST 495 Biological Diversity and Forest Management
FRST 497 Graduating Essay or Technical Report
FRST 498 B.Sc. Thesis in Forestry
FRST 499 B.S.F. Thesis
FRST 503 Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory
FRST 506 Advanced Forest Pathology
FRST 507C Topics in Forest Science - TPS FRST SCIENCE
FRST 508 Advanced Forest Insect Ecology
FRST 512 Belowground Forest Ecosystems
FRST 519 Forests and Society
FRST 522 Social, Community, and Indigenous Forestry
FRST 523 Forest and Environmental Policy
FRST 524 Environmental Perception
FRST 529 Ecological Economics
FRST 532C Directed Studies in Forest Management - DIR STDY FOR MGM
FRST 534 Natural Resources Economics
FRST 537C Topics in Forest Management - TPCS FRST MGMT
FRST 543 Development of Forestry Institutions
FRST 544 Technical Communication Skills I
FRST 545 Technical Communication Skills II
FRST 547 Forestry in British Columbia
FRST 548A Major Essay - MAJOR ESSAY
FRST 548B Major Essay - MAJOR ESSAY
FRST 549A Master's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
FRST 549B Master's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
FRST 549C Master's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
FRST 550B M.A.Sc. Thesis - MASC THESIS
FRST 550C M.A.Sc. Thesis - MASC THESIS
FRST 551 Landscape Planning for Sustainability
FRST 553 Forest Governance
FRST 556 Land Information Acquisition and Analysis
FRST 557 Site-Level Forest Land Management
FRST 558 Landscape-Level Forest Land Management
FRST 559 Natural Resources Planning
FRST 560 Forest Business Enterprise
FRST 562 Topics in International Forestry
FRST 573 Advanced Wood Physics
FRST 576 Advanced Wood Mechanics
FRST 588 Fluvial Ecohydrology
FRST 590 Statistical Methods in Hydrology
FRST 649 Doctoral Dissertation