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Subject Code - GEOG (Geography)

Courses having Science credit in Geography are listed separately in the calendar under GEOB (Geographical Biogeosciences). Students seeking to obtain their Science requirement in the Faculty of Arts should consider GEOB102 and GEOB103. For detailed information about courses and topics within courses, see the departmental website (

Course Title
GEOG 121 Geography, Environment and Globalization
GEOG 122 Geography, Modernity and Globalization
GEOG 211 The State of the Earth
GEOG 220 Geopolitics
GEOG 250 Cities
GEOG 281 Geography of the Pacific Rim
GEOG 290 Introduction to the Geography of Canada
GEOG 310 Environment and Sustainability
GEOG 311 Urban Environments
GEOG 312 Climate Change: Science and Society
GEOG 313 Environmental Justice and Social Change
GEOG 314 Analysing Environmental Problems
GEOG 316 Geography of Natural Hazards
GEOG 318 Sustainability in a Changing Environment
GEOG 319 Environmental Impact Assessment
GEOG 321 Historical Geography of Urbanization: Cities, Space, and Power
GEOG 327 Creating Canada
GEOG 328 Constructing Canada
GEOG 329 Political Geography
GEOG 345 Theory and Practice in Human Geography
GEOG 350 Urban Worlds
GEOG 352 Urbanization in the Global South
GEOG 353 Geographies of Migration and Settlement
GEOG 357 Introduction to Social Geography
GEOG 361 Introduction to Economic Geography
GEOG 364 Globalization, Cities, and Regions
GEOG 371 Research Strategies in Human Geography
GEOG 374 Statistics in Geography
GEOG 380 Geography of Asia
GEOG 390A Geography of Selected Regions - SELECTED REGIONS
GEOG 391 Modern Europe: Places and Borders
GEOG 410 Environment and Society
GEOG 412 Water Management: Theory, Policy, and Practice.
GEOG 419 Research in Environmental Geography
GEOG 423 Development of Environmental Thought
GEOG 424 Feminist Geographies
GEOG 442 Student Directed Seminar in Human Geography
GEOG 446A Topics in Geography - TOPICS IN GEOG
GEOG 446B Topics in Geography - TOPICS IN GEOG
GEOG 450 Urban Research
GEOG 457 Social and Behavioural Geography
GEOG 481 Geography of Japan
GEOG 495 Geographies of Social Movements in the Americas
GEOG 496 Geography of Africa
GEOG 497 The Arctic
GEOG 498 Geographies of the Middle East
GEOG 520 Themes and Interpretive Issues in Modern Human Geography
GEOG 533 Political Geography
GEOG 535 International Migration and Settlement
GEOG 545A Topics in Human Geography - TOPS HUMAN GEOG
GEOG 547A Directed Reading in Human Geography - HUMAN GEO DR RDG
GEOG 547B Directed Reading in Human Geography - HUMAN GEO DR RDG
GEOG 548 Major Essay
GEOG 560A Economic Geography - ECONOMIC GEOG
GEOG 599 Master's Thesis
GEOG 699 Doctoral Dissertation