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Subject Code - GERM (German)

Course Title
GERM 100 Beginners' German I
GERM 110 Beginners' German II
GERM 200 Intermediate German I
GERM 210 Intermediate German II
GERM 300 Intermediate German III
GERM 301 German Literature 1900 - 1945 (in English)
GERM 302 German Literature after 1945 (in English)
GERM 303 German Literature Before 1900 (in English)
GERM 304 German Cinema (in English)
GERM 305 The Culture of Nazism (in English)
GERM 310 Intermediate German IV
GERM 313 Conversational German II
GERM 314 Business German
GERM 318 Introduction to German Linguistics
GERM 370 Reason and Revolution: Studies in the 18th Century
GERM 390 Progress and Disaster: Studies in the 20th and 21st Centuries
GERM 400 Advanced German I
GERM 402 Words and Music in German Literature (in English)
GERM 403B Studies in Modern German Culture (in English) - MOD GERM CULTURE
GERM 408A Selected Issues in German Culture - ISSU IN GERM CUL
GERM 410 Advanced German II
GERM 411 Major Controversies in German Culture (in English)
GERM 412 German Media Studies (in English)
GERM 414 Business German
GERM 426 German Representations of the Holocaust (in English)
GERM 433 German for Reading Knowledge I
GERM 434 German for Reading Knowledge II (Languages for special purposes)
GERM 500A German Studies Research Methods - GERM RSRCH MTHDS
GERM 501A Literary Theories - LITERARY THEORY
GERM 510 German Literary History
GERM 520C Studies in Literature after 1945 - LIT AFTER 1945
GERM 547B Guided Research - GUIDED RESEARCH
GERM 548 Major Essay
GERM 549 Master's Thesis
GERM 649 Doctoral Dissertation