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Subject Code - HGSE (Haida Gwaii Semesters)

Course Title
HGSE 310 First Nations and Canada: (Re)writing History
HGSE 311 Law and Governance: Indigenous and European Traditions
HGSE 312 Perspectives on Reconciliation
HGSE 313 Reconciliation and Resource Management
HGSE 314 Reconciliation and Communities
HGSE 350 Case Studies in Haida Gwaii
HGSE 351 History and Politics of Resource Management
HGSE 352 First Nations Governance and Natural Resource Management
HGSE 353 Rainforest Ecology and Management
HGSE 354 Diversifying Resource-Dependent Communities
HGSE 355 Applied Ecology of Coastal Terrestrial Ecosystems
HGSE 356 Biophysical Dynamics of the Marine-Terrestrial Interface
HGSE 357 Ecology and Management of Island Wildlife
HGSE 358 Systems Thinking for Resource Management
HGSE 359 Ecosystem-Based Management Seminar