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Subject Code - MATH (Mathematics)

The first digit in the number of a course is intended to convey the level of mathematical maturity at which the course is conducted rather than the year in which it must be taken. Students who expect to follow an Honours Science program or one with high mathematical content are urged to apply for admission to MATH 120 and 121. The following courses are for students in the Faculty of Applied Science: MATH 152, MATH 253, MATH 255, MATH 256, MATH 257, MATH 263, MATH 265, MATH 267. Secondary-school calculus is a prerequisite for MATH 100, 102, and 104. Students with this qualification should see "UBC-SFU-UVIC-UNBC Calculus Examination Certificate" in the Admissions section. MATH 180 and 184 are designed for students without high-school calculus. Continuing Studies offers MATH 001, 002, 003, and 004, refresher courses in pre-calculus material. For further information see the department's website at

Course Title
MATH 002 Pre-Calculus
MATH 101 Integral Calculus with Applications to Physical Sciences and Engineering
MATH 180 Differential Calculus with Physical Applications
MATH 200 Calculus III
MATH 215 Elementary Differential Equations I
MATH 221 Matrix Algebra
MATH 253 Multivariable Calculus
MATH 255 Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 257 Partial Differential Equations
MATH 302 Introduction to Probability
MATH 307 Applied Linear Algebra
MATH 312 Introduction to Number Theory
MATH 316 Elementary Differential Equations II
MATH 317 Calculus IV
MATH 340 Introduction to Linear Programming
MATH 398 Co-operative Work Placement I
MATH 399 Co-operative Work Placement II
MATH 448A Directed Studies in Mathematics - DIRECTED STUDIES
MATH 498 Co-operative Work Placement III
MATH 499 Co-operative Work Placement IV
MATH 549A Thesis for Master's Degree - MASTERS THESIS
MATH 549B Thesis for Master's Degree - MASTERS THESIS
MATH 589 M.Sc. Major Essay
MATH 608D Topics in Probability - TPCS PROBABILITY
MATH 608E Topics in Probability - TPCS PROBABILITY
MATH 620A Directed Studies in Mathematics - DIRECT STDS MATH
MATH 620E Directed Studies in Mathematics - DIRECT STDS MATH
MATH 649 Doctoral Dissertation