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Subject Code - MTRL (Materials Engineering)

Course Title
MTRL 201 Technical Communication
MTRL 250 Principles and Calculations in Materials Engineering
MTRL 252 Thermodynamics of Materials I
MTRL 263 Transport Phenomena I - Fluid Mechanics
MTRL 264 Transport Phenomena II - Heat Transport
MTRL 280 Materials in Design
MTRL 340 Manufacturing in Materials Engineering
MTRL 350 Thermodynamics of Materials II
MTRL 358 Hydrometallurgy I
MTRL 359 Hydrometallurgy I Laboratory
MTRL 361 Modelling of Materials Processes
MTRL 363 Transport Phenomena III - Mass Transport
MTRL 365 Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
MTRL 378 Phase Transformations
MTRL 381 Structure and Properties Laboratory
MTRL 382 Ceramics
MTRL 392 Engineering Technical Communication
MTRL 394 Polymer and Polymer Matrix Composites
MTRL 398 Engineering Written Communication
MTRL 442 Coatings and Surface Modification
MTRL 451 Microstructural Analysis Laboratory
MTRL 455 Economic Aspects of Materials Engineering
MTRL 456 Environmental Degradation of Materials
MTRL 458 Hydrometallurgy II
MTRL 460 Monitoring and Optimization of Materials Processing
MTRL 466 Engineering Project I
MTRL 467 Engineering Project II
MTRL 471 Nanofibre Technology
MTRL 472 Welding and Joining of Materials
MTRL 475 Microstructure Engineering
MTRL 485 Failure of Materials
MTRL 486 Nondestructive Evaluation
MTRL 489 Seminar III
MTRL 494 Composite Materials
MTRL 495 Biomaterials
MTRL 515 Advanced Simulation and Modelling Tools for Materials Manufacturing
MTRL 517 Case Studies in Advanced Materials Manufacturing
MTRL 557 Separation Science in Aqueous Metal Processing
MTRL 559 Advanced Hydrometallurgy
MTRL 564 Hydrometallurgical Reactor Design and Analysis
MTRL 571 Advanced Nanofibre Technology
MTRL 578 Microstructural Evolution of Deformed Materials
MTRL 579 Physics of Microfabrication: Front End Processing
MTRL 592B Advanced Topics in Materials Engineering - ADVANCED TOPICS
MTRL 592E Advanced Topics in Materials Engineering - ADVANCED TOPICS
MTRL 593B Directed Studies in Materials Engineering - DIR ST MATRL ENG
MTRL 594 Advanced Composite Materials
MTRL 595 Advanced Biomaterials
MTRL 596 M.Sc. Thesis
MTRL 597 M.Eng. Project
MTRL 598 Seminar
MTRL 599 Thesis
MTRL 699 Doctoral Dissertation