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Subject Code - PHIL (Philosophy)

Philosophy is an interdisciplinary subject, and students with training in other subjects may be adequately prepared to take on a course even though they lack the formal prerequisites. Students are encouraged to consult with the instructor. Variable credit courses: Most 200-, 300-, and 400-level courses in Philosophy are offered for 3 credits, but may be taken for 4 credits for extra work with the consent of the instructor. Students should consult the instructor if they wish to exercise this option as it may not be available in all sections. For detailed information about courses and topics within courses, see the departmental website (

Course Title
PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 102 Introduction to Philosophy II
PHIL 120 Introduction to Critical Thinking
PHIL 125 Introduction to Scientific Reasoning
PHIL 211 Greek Philosophy I: Socrates and Plato
PHIL 212 Greek Philosophy II: Aristotle and After
PHIL 220 Symbolic Logic
PHIL 230 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 240 Introduction to Epistemology
PHIL 250 Minds and Machines
PHIL 260 Science and Society in the Contemporary World
PHIL 310 The Philosophy of Plato
PHIL 311 The Philosophy of Aristotle
PHIL 314 Philosophy in the 17th Century
PHIL 315 Philosophy in the 18th Century
PHIL 316 Philosophy After 1800
PHIL 316A Philosophy After 1800 - PHIL AFTER 1800
PHIL 320 Logic: Metatheory and Computability
PHIL 321 Induction, Decision and Game Theory
PHIL 322 Modal Logic
PHIL 323 Non-Classical Logics
PHIL 326 Philosophy of Language I
PHIL 330 Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 331 Business and Professional Ethics
PHIL 332 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 333 Bio-Medical Ethics
PHIL 334 Sex, Gender and Philosophy
PHIL 335 Power and Oppression
PHIL 338 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 339 Philosophy of Art
PHIL 340 Introduction to Metaphysics
PHIL 347 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 348 Introduction to Continental Philosophy
PHIL 360 Introduction to History and Philosophy of Science
PHIL 362 History and Philosophy of Economics from Aristotle to Adam Smith
PHIL 363 History and Philosophy of Economics from Ricardo to Keynes
PHIL 364 Darwin, Evolution, and Modern History
PHIL 369 Philosophy of Science
PHIL 375 Philosophy and Literature
PHIL 378 Philosophical Wisdom of Early India
PHIL 385 Existentialism
PHIL 388 Buddhist, Brahmanical and Jain Philosophers in Interaction.
PHIL 390 Honours Tutorial
PHIL 415 The Philosophy of Immanuel Kant
PHIL 418 Topics in Twentieth-Century Philosophy
PHIL 427 Philosophy of Mathematics
PHIL 431 Topics in Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 432 Topics in Ethical Theory
PHIL 440 Topics in Epistemology
PHIL 441 Philosophy of Perception
PHIL 448 Topics in Continental Philosophy
PHIL 450 Topics in Metaphysics
PHIL 451 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 455 Topics in the Philosophy of Cognitive Science
PHIL 461 Philosophy of Social Science
PHIL 469 Topics in Philosophy of Science
PHIL 470 Comparative Conceptions of the Self
PHIL 490 Honours Tutorial
PHIL 491 Seminar for Majors in Philosophy
PHIL 514A Early Modern Philosophy - ERLY MODERN PHIL
PHIL 518A Twentieth-Century Philosophy - 20TH CENT PHIL
PHIL 540A Epistemology - EPISTEMOLOGY
PHIL 550A Metaphysics - METAPHYSICS
PHIL 551A Philosophy of Mind - PHIL OF MIND
PHIL 560A Philosophy of Science - PHIL OF SCIENCE
PHIL 560B Philosophy of Science - PHIL OF SCIENCE
PHIL 581A Problems - PROBLEMS
PHIL 599 MA Thesis
PHIL 699 Doctoral Dissertation