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Subject Code - PHYS (Physics)

Science students with BC Secondary School Physics 11, but not Physics 12, are required to take PHYS 100. PHYS 100 is intended primarily for students who have completed only Physics 11 or its equivalent. Credit will not be given for PHYS 100 to students with credit for Physics 12 unless they took AP, IB, or A-level Physics and were offered advanced credit for PHYS 100. Most Science degree specializations require at least one or two terms of physics beyond Physics 12 or PHYS 100. Science One is considered to include two terms of physics. Credit will be given for only one of PHYS 117, PHYS 107 and for only one of PHYS 102, PHYS 108, PHYS 118.

Course Title
PHYS 100 Introductory Physics
PHYS 101 Energy and Waves
PHYS 107 Enriched Physics 1
PHYS 108 Enriched Physics II
PHYS 109 Enriched Experimental Physics
PHYS 117 Dynamics and Waves
PHYS 118 Electricity, Light and Radiation
PHYS 119 Experimental Physics Lab
PHYS 157 Introductory Physics for Engineers I
PHYS 158 Introductory Physics for Engineers II
PHYS 159 Introductory Physics Laboratory for Engineers
PHYS 170 Mechanics I
PHYS 200 Relativity and Quanta
PHYS 203 Thermal Physics I
PHYS 210 Introduction to Computational Physics
PHYS 216 Intermediate Mechanics
PHYS 219 Intermediate Experimental Physics I
PHYS 229 Intermediate Experimental Physics II
PHYS 298 Co-operative Work Placement I
PHYS 299 Co-operative Work Placement II
PHYS 301 Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 304 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 305 Introduction to Biophysics
PHYS 306 Advanced Mechanics
PHYS 309 Electrical Laboratory
PHYS 312 Introduction to Mathematical Physics
PHYS 315 Quantum Physics of Materials
PHYS 319 Electronics Laboratory
PHYS 333 Energy and Climate
PHYS 340 Revolutions in Understanding the Universe
PHYS 341 Physics of Music
PHYS 348 Frontiers in Physics and Astronomy
PHYS 349 Directed Research Project in Physics
PHYS 350 Applications of Classical Mechanics
PHYS 399 Co-operative Work Placement III
PHYS 400 Introduction to Elementary Particles
PHYS 401 Electromagnetic Theory
PHYS 402 Applications of Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 403 Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 404 Introduction to Medical Physics
PHYS 405 Radiation Biophysics
PHYS 407 Introduction to General Relativity
PHYS 408 Optics
PHYS 409A Experimental Physics - EXPTL PHYSICS
PHYS 409B Experimental Physics - EXPTL PHYSICS
PHYS 410 Computational Physics
PHYS 420C Physics Demonstrations - PHYS DEMONSTRATS
PHYS 438 Zoological Physics
PHYS 447A Advanced Topics in Physics - ADV TPCS PHYS
PHYS 447B Advanced Topics in Physics - ADV TPCS PHYS
PHYS 447C Advanced Topics in Physics - ADV TPCS PHYS
PHYS 449 Honours Thesis
PHYS 473 Applied Nuclear Physics
PHYS 474 Applied Solid State Physics
PHYS 490 Student Directed Seminar
PHYS 498 Co-operative Work Placement IV
PHYS 499 Co-operative Work Placement V
PHYS 500 Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS 501 Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS 502 Condensed Matter Physics I
PHYS 504 Special Relativity and Classical Electromagnetism
PHYS 505 Nuclear Physics
PHYS 506 Elementary Particle Physics
PHYS 508 Quantum Field Theory II
PHYS 509C Theory of Measurements - MEASUREMNT THEOR
PHYS 516 Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 520A Teaching Techniques in Physics and Astronomy - TEACH PHYS&ASTR
PHYS 521D Group Theory Methods in Quantum Mechanics - GRP THRY METH QM
PHYS 525B Advanced Condensed Matter Physics - ADV COND MATTER
PHYS 526 Quantum Field Theory I
PHYS 530B Topics in General Relativity Theory - GEN RELATIVITY
PHYS 534 Radiotherapy Physics I
PHYS 535 Radiotherapy Physics II
PHYS 536 Advanced Radiation Biophysics
PHYS 539 Radiation Dosimetry
PHYS 540 Radiological Imaging
PHYS 542 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging
PHYS 545 Anatomy, Physiology and Statistics for Medical Physicists
PHYS 549 Master's Thesis
PHYS 555A Directed Studies in Physics - DIRECTED STUDIES
PHYS 555B Directed Studies in Physics - DIRECTED STUDIES
PHYS 555C Directed Studies in Physics - DIRECTED STUDIES
PHYS 555F Directed Studies in Physics - DIRECTED STUDIES
PHYS 560 Physics and Engineering of Particle Accelerators
PHYS 565 Applications of Radioisotopes in Science and in Medicine
PHYS 599A M.A.Sc. Thesis - MASC THESIS
PHYS 649 Doctoral Dissertation