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Subject Code - POLI (Political Science)

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Course Title
POLI 100 Introduction to Politics
POLI 101 The Government of Canada
POLI 110 Investigating Politics: An Introduction to Scientific Political Analysis
POLI 240 Currents of Political Thought
POLI 260 Introduction to Global Politics
POLI 320A Government and Politics of the United States of America - GOVRT&POLTCS USA
POLI 326 European Politics: Selected Cases
POLI 328A Topics in Comparative Politics - COMPARATIVE POLI
POLI 332 Politics and Government of Latin America
POLI 341A Contemporary Political Theory - CONTMP POLI THRY
POLI 346 Democratic Theory
POLI 364A International Organizations - INTRNL ORGANIZTN
POLI 370A Issues in International Conflict Management - IS INTCNFT MNGT
POLI 373 Ethics in World Politics
POLI 449D Topics in Political Theory - TPCS POLI THEORY
POLI 549B Master's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
POLI 574A Advanced Statistical Methods for Political Science - POLI ADV STATS
POLI 580 Directed Studies
POLI 649 Doctoral Dissertation