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Subject Code - SPPH (School of Population & Public Health)

As of July 1, 2015, the IHHS courses have been distributed among the following units: School of Social Work, School of Population and Public Health, and Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

Course Title
SPPH 301 Understanding the Sociocultural Determinants of the Health of Populations
SPPH 302 Topics in Health Informatics for Health/Life Sciences Students
SPPH 381A Selected Topics - PUBLC HLTH ETHCS
SPPH 381C Selected Topics - ENVIRNMTL HLTH
SPPH 381D Selected Topics - CAN HLTH POLICY
SPPH 400 Statistics for Health Research
SPPH 410 Improving Public Health: An Interprofessional Approach to Designing and Implementing Effective Interventions
SPPH 481C Special Topics in Population and Public Health - PRISON HEALTH
SPPH 500 Analytical Methods in Epidemiological Research
SPPH 501 Analysis of Longitudinal Data from Epidemiological Studies
SPPH 502 Epidemiological Methods 1
SPPH 503 Epidemiological Methods 2
SPPH 504 Application of Epidemiological Methods
SPPH 505 Scientific Basis for Epidemiological Thinking
SPPH 506 Quantitative Research Methods
SPPH 507 M.Sc. Research Seminar
SPPH 508 M.P.H. Practicum
SPPH 510 Survey Methods in Health Measurement
SPPH 511 Cancer Control and Epidemiology
SPPH 512 The Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials
SPPH 513 Clinical Epidemiology
SPPH 514 Decision Analysis in Health Care
SPPH 515 Surveillance and Monitoring in Public Health
SPPH 516 Methods for Systematic Reviews in Health Research
SPPH 517 Clinical Research methods for Surgical Procedures
SPPH 519 Qualitative Methods in Health Research Design
SPPH 520 Control of Communicable Disease
SPPH 522 Topics in Environmental Health
SPPH 523 Global Health and Human Security
SPPH 524 Core Biological Concepts of Public Health Practice
SPPH 525 Issues and Concepts in Public Health
SPPH 526 Leadership in Public Health
SPPH 527 Social Determinants of Health
SPPH 529 Major Essay
SPPH 531 Health Care Systems Analysis
SPPH 532 Environmental Health Risk Assessment and Communication
SPPH 533 Toxicology and Public Health
SPPH 534 Occupational Health and Illness Processes
SPPH 535 Principles of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
SPPH 536 Aboriginal People and Public Health: Ethics, Policy, and Practice
SPPH 540 Program Planning and Evaluation
SPPH 541 Economic Evaluation
SPPH 542 Canadian Health Policy
SPPH 545 Community Health Promotion
SPPH 546 Introduction to Health Economics
SPPH 547 Health Care Priority Setting
SPPH 550 Public Health Approaches to Substance Use and Addictions
SPPH 552 Risk and Communication in Public Health
SPPH 553 Foundations of Public Health Computing
SPPH 555 Principles and Practices of Injury Prevention
SPPH 562 Chemical and Biological Hazard Measurement
SPPH 563 Technical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Hazard Control
SPPH 566 Occupational Hygiene Practice
SPPH 567 Quantitative Methods for the Assessment and Analysis of Exposure Data
SPPH 568 Safety
SPPH 569 Industrial and Environmental Acoustics and Vibration
SPPH 570 Current Issues in Public Health Practice
SPPH 571 Public Health, Transportation, and the Built Environment
SPPH 580P Directed Studies - DIR STUDIES
SPPH 581C Selected Topics - DATA ANALYSIS
SPPH 581J Selected Topics - GLOBAL HEALTH
SPPH 581N Selected Topics - KNOWLDGE TRNSLTN
SPPH 581R Selected Topics - PED NTR PUB HLTH
SPPH 581T Selected Topics - ETHICS EBM
SPPH 581X Selected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
SPPH 598 Occupational and Environmental Hygiene Project
SPPH 599 M.Sc. Thesis
SPPH 607 Ph.D. Research Seminar
SPPH 621 Approaches to Enquiry in Population and Public Health
SPPH 681A Selected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
SPPH 699 Doctoral Dissertation