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ASIA 346A Topics in Japanese Cultural History II: The Early Modern Age - TPCS JAPN CLT II

Focuses each year on a specific topic related to the culture of early modern Japan.

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Credits: 3

Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Comments
  ASIA 346A 001 Lecture 1 Mon Wed 8:00 9:30

In Term 1, ASIA 346 (Topics in Japanese Cultural History II: The Early Modern Period) will challenge a number of long-standing assumptions regarding Japanese society before the Meiji period. The course will examine the construction of individual identity, the aggressive pursuit of self-interest, the defiant practice of forbidden religious traditions, the interest in self-cultivation and personal betterment, understandings of happiness and well-being, and embrace of neglected counter-ideological values. We will consider whether when taken together these point to higher degrees of individuality in early modern (Tokugawa) Japan than has heretofore been acknowledged, and the courses conclusion briefly examines these same aspects of Japanese society in the early twenty-first century. Addiand~

tionally, the course will introduce a revisionist perspective on Japanese values, and will challenge the good Meiji, bad Tokugawa paradigm. There is no prerequisite to the course.

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