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FRST 201 Forest Ecology

The structure and function of forest ecosystems, including: energetics; productivity; nutrient, carbon and water cycling; soils; the physical environment; population and community ecology; disturbance ecology; ecological succession; biological diversity and ecological resilience.

This course is eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading. To determine whether you can take this course for Credit/D/Fail grading, visit the Credit/D/Fail website. You must register in the course before you can select the Credit/D/Fail grading option.

Credits: 3

Co-reqs: FRST 200.

Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Comments
Full FRST 201 001 Lecture 1 Mon Wed Fri 13:00 14:00

Forestry students should plan to take FRST 201 in TERM 1 and FRST 211 in TERM 2.

This course is also open to non-Forestry students who meet the prerequisites. Non-Forestry students may take only FRST 201 if they so wished.

  FRST 201 L01 Laboratory 1 Tue 8:00 10:00
Full FRST 201 L02 Laboratory 1 Tue 10:00 12:00
  FRST 201 L03 Laboratory 1 Tue 13:00 15:00
  FRST 201 L04 Laboratory 1 Tue 15:00 17:00
Full FRST 201 L07 Laboratory 1 Thu 13:00 15:00
  FRST 201 L08 Laboratory 1 Thu 15:00 17:00