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MECH 327 Thermal System Design

Air standard and vapor cycles; first and second law of cycles. Exergy. Gas mixtures. Energy conservation. Equilibrium. Reacting systems. Fluid flow, heat transfer, and material considerations. Economic and environmental impact of energy use. Application to thermofluid systems such as power plants.

This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.

Credits: 3

Pre-reqs: Either (a) MECH 225 or (b) one of CHBE 241, ENPH 257 and one of CHBE 251, CIVL 215, MECH 280.

Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Comments
STT MECH 327 101 Lecture 1 Mon Wed Fri 10:00 11:00
STT MECH 327 T1A Tutorial 1 Mon 13:00 14:00
STT MECH 327 T1B Tutorial 1 Mon 15:00 16:00