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PHYS 306 Advanced Mechanics

Variational calculus, Lagrangian dynamics, rigid body motion including free and forced precession, Hamiltonian mechanics, Poisson brackets, canonical coordinates, Hamilton-Jacobi theory, action angle variables. Introduction to dynamical chaos: determinism, Lyapunov exponents.

This course is eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading. To determine whether you can take this course for Credit/D/Fail grading, visit the Credit/D/Fail website. You must register in the course before you can select the Credit/D/Fail grading option.

Credits: 3

Pre-reqs: One of PHYS 216, ENPH 270 and one of MATH 215, MATH 255, MATH 256, MATH 265.

Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Comments
  PHYS 306 201 Lecture 2 Mon Wed Fri 12:00 13:00
  PHYS 306 T2A Tutorial 2 Tue 8:30 9:30
Full PHYS 306 T2B Tutorial 2 Thu 14:00 15:00